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Notepad ++ 5.1.4 one of the best code editors you can find
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Notepad ++ 5.1.4 is by far, one of the best code editors you can find. It's an open source project, you can download it and donate some money if you wish. It has great features that it make so valuable for script developers like php or python. It supports syntax highlighting and block collapsing. You can edit multiples files in the same window. Also, you have brackets highlighting, very useful to see the surrounded code block. A useful feature is the ability to make autocomplete text based on the API of the language you choose. Great features but, it will be desirable that it can open a shell command, so you can run command shells without leaving the editor (this is an excellent feature I have seen in some editor when I was a C developer). Despite of this, Notepad++ is very lightweight and it can run on every windows platform with just a few requirements. It has another interest plugins that make it very useful, even if you are not a developer. Like a plugin to compare 2 documents and see the differences and a spellchecker. Besides, you can find many plugins developed by the community and you can install them and have more features.

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  • Syntax highlighting
  • Block collapsing
  • Autocomplete support


  • Lacks of a shell command
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