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Notepad++ is a text editor supporting various programming languages
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Notepad++ is a text editor supporting various programming languages. Although you may use it just as you use Windows Notepad to edit text without formatting, its main advantage results from more advanced features mostly intended for software developers and programmers.

The program has an intuitive interface, but beginners will probably need to explore the multiple menu items available before they can fully take advantage of all its features. It allows opening various documents and organizing them into tabs. Moreover, it allows automating some frequent operations by recording macros.

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of Notepad++ is that it supports a very extensive list of programming languages; but, much more than that, it allows you to define a completely new language. In this respect, the app supports such useful features as code coloring and folding. It can also highlight parentheses and apply indentation. It also supports line sorting, a feature most users wanted it to have. Finally, regardless the large number of features; you can add many more by installing plug-ins.

In general, Notepad++ is very popular among software developers because of its versatility to manage different types of code. However, if you are a general user, you might find using this app unnecessarily complicated and perhaps you should look elsewhere.

Juan Perez
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  • It supports a long list of programming languages
  • You can define new languages
  • It supports code coloring and folding
  • Its functionality can be expanded by installing plug-ins
  • It allows recording macros


  • It is not suitable for general users
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