Notepad++ 7.2

Notepad++ can help edit text and write programming code
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Notepad++ can help you edit unformatted text as a replacement for Windows built-in text editor. Moreover, it can be used to write code in various programming languages. Although it’s true that Notepad++ doesn’t have as many features as a full-fledged integrated development environment, it’s definitely much lighter, as its installer weighs only about 2 Mb. The tool has an old-style straightforward interface, in which every command is accessible through the menu. Besides, it supports editing various texts in separate tabs.

The application includes various features that can enhance productivity. One of them is line numbering, which is highly appreciated by programmers. Unlike Notepad, this program also lets you zoom the text in and out. Additionally, it includes a search and replace function, which is a must when you’re working on a very long text. Probably, the single advantage most appreciated by code writers is syntax highlighting, and luckily, a long list of programming languages are supported. Finally, it also lets you execute code on external applications and browsers.

The bottom line is that standard users may not find Notepad++ so necessary. However, it’s a great help for those engaged in code writing. It’s important to say that, besides those features already mentioned, the tool allows recording macros as a way to automate repetitive sequence of actions. In addition, the program supports plugins to expand its features. And not only that, since it is open-source software, you can modify its code and make it more suitable to your needs and likes. Finally, it’s worth saying that it supports command line arguments as well.

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  • It’s easy to use
  • It supports code highlighting
  • It’s very light
  • It supports plugins
  • It can be used from the command line
  • It allows recording macros


  • Its interface is not very attractive
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